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We enable circular plastics.

Praqtics connects you with data, materials, and business partners – to empower you for the Circular Economy.

For converters

Recycling solutions

Find the best recycler to deal with your specific plastic waste.

We offer:

  • Easy access to numerous recycling providers
  • Plastic type specific recycling processes
  • Optimizing the value of your plastic waste and
  • Partnerships for your own Circular Economy

For recyclers

Material supply solutions

Open up new sources of reliable material input.
Increase your visibility as a recycler on the market.

We offer:

  • Easy access to the numerous plastic waste sources
  • Timely and secure supply of suitable materials
  • Partnerships for your own Circular Economy

What Praqtics provides

We focus on the following Circular Economy challenges faced by plastics converters and recyclers – with unique software solutions to come.

Build partnerships

Discovery and matching service, leveraging linked data to identify the most suitable partners for your specific needs.

High quality material

Get quick access to reliable plastics data as we consolidate it from various sources to provide detailed information on the quality and suitability of materials.

Digital Product Passports

We empower users to manage, integrate and merge their Digital Product Passports (DPPs) by enabling their integration and providing easy management.

Profit from recycling

Optimize your material disposal, leveraging intelligence and linked data to identify the most sustainable disposal options.

Increase productivity

Efficiently find matching partners for circular solutions and share production capacity easily.

Praqtics credits

Token-based services that incentivize closing loops by rewarding companies for using secondary materials.

What Praqtics builds on

We use future technology to solve today’s problems.

The Praqtics Knowledge Graph

We utilize a powerful knowledge graph to link plastics data and products, facilitate cooperation among companies, and enable circularity. With our knowledge graph’s advanced semantic capabilities and interoperability, we provide unparalleled insights and practical solutions to help businesses thrive in the circular economy.

Get in touch to learn more about our mission.